Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Before the Season Seven Premeire

Photo: from The Walking Dead's Season 7 Wikipedia page. Click the image for a really good pic. It's the show's official banner at San Diego Comic-Con.

So, Season 7 is upon us, and I'm back for a blog of The Walking Dead since Season 5. Been busy!!!

Who will Negan be bashing with the baseball bat? Since the premiere starts in half an hour, there isn't a lot of time to get into it, so I'll present options and pick, and we'll see how right I was. (Or, wasn't.)








Okay, so my picks. Glenn gets it in the comics here, and in an interview, Lauren Cohen cried about this episode and said it was very depressing and difficult. In the comics, after he dies, she miscarries and then kills herself, but I'm guessing not all of that will happen.

But I think Glenn goes. The showmakers have veered from the comics quite a bit, but I don't think they will here. Plus, Glenn's arc has crested.

I also think Eugene and/or Abraham will go. I wouldn't be surprised if both do, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with...both. Eugene's character has definitely crested and there's not much more for him to do. Once he found his bravery, there wasn't anything else. And Abraham...well, he's basically been another Daryl lately, and that can't go on. His character has more to still do, but...I can't choose between them.

The same can be said for Michonne, and for Daryl, but I'm not ready to pick them yet. Frankly, the showmakers can't be that dumb to cast Daryl away, and Michonne has maybe crested, but has too much of a fan base, especially among women. I mean, she's basically a female Rick, and I mean that in the kindest of all possible ways. Seriously, that's a compliment. Either one would be a logical choice, but I'm not ready to go there.

I am ready to pick Rosita and / or Sasha, but I feel that there would be something interesting between them once Abraham goes. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets hit.

And Aaron is just sort of there. Those guys don't last too long. He goes.

So now I've boiled it down to:

Aaron, Eugene, Abraham, Glenn, with a few maybes. I mean, if the showmakers really want to be mean, they can make it Maggie herself, but that would be...shocking, though not surprising, if you know what I mean. I've only recently been talked out of saying she was one of the ones tonight.

But I have my doubts. (Before the previews, I've even said that Carl could get it. But Rick would've been more insane in the previews had that been the case.)

But I'll say No for now. So four is too many. I'll pick two.

I'll say: Glenn and Eugene or Abraham. Maybe all three. Aaron gets away because he's so irrelevant.

And I don't expect Negan himself to last too long. Certainly not all season. Maybe a few episodes.

My guess is that they won't show who it is until almost an hour in. (The show is an hour and six minutes tonight.)

If you're reading this, what do you think? Make a guess in the comments if you'd like, and let's see how we did.


  1. Curiosity got the best of me and I read one too many blogs, forums, and Facebook threads so I was about 90% sure of who would meet their demise and how. So I wasn't shocked when it happened, but I was taken back by the brutality of it.

    I'm not sure I agree about Negan not lasting all season. With a character as deranged yet fascinating to watch why get rid of him right away? There's nothing boring or one note about him like The Governor! He made season 3 almost torture to watch, but with Negan I'm very interested in seeing how the rest of season 7 plays out.

    Aaron may have been just sort of there, but that's exactly the reason why he wouldn't have died. Nobody would have cried over him. At least not the viewers.

    1. I agree, Diane, about Aaron. That's why I picked him to make it: Not relevant enough to go in an episode as hyped as this.

      I forget the character's name, but remember the guy who ate another guy's foot? He was very charismatic, very cool to watch, and he lasted just a few episodes before he and a few others got massacred by Rick and Co. in that church. So the precedent of very violent but charismatic characters has been set to also make them have a relatively quick exit.