Sunday, October 23, 2016

During and After the Season 7 Premiere

Photos: both from Hollywood Take

Well, I didn't want to be right, but so far I was: Abraham and Glenn. And wasn't this an awfully ironic image of Glenn I found?

Both deserved better. Glenn especially didn't deserve to go like that, with one eye bulging out. He got in a promise to Maggie, and showed he loved her, least Abraham got a few choice words and attitude in there.

I was just asked why I felt Abraham would get it. One: as I mentioned before, he was essentially another Daryl, and that wouldn't last long. Second, he was listed as one of the stars at the Rhode Island Comic-Con, which is often an indicator that one's role has diminished--as Father Gabriel's last year--or that it has ended. His role wouldn't lessen, so it had to be that it was ending.

Now I'm watching The Talking Dead, so let's see how that goes...I'll watch that now...

Touching tributes to the departed. Hard to believe it's been six years for Glenn! And for all of us watching the show. Cool that Yeun said it was an honor for the end to come to him, as it's the catalyst for everything else that happens, and apparently there's quite a bit. Great attitude! I'm watching Michael Cudlitz and going to bed. Thanks for reading!


  1. I agree Glenn and Abraham deserved better, especially Glenn. But I think Glenn's "death" last year prepared us for what was inevitably bound to happen. He got his send off before it happened. So naturally when it really was time for him to go, the writers went full throttle without any warning. It was hard to watch and I almost felt violated. Like how dare this guy come in and wreck what we've been watching all these years? I guess that's what the writers were hoping for...a visceral reaction.

    Andrew Lincoln was phenomenal in this episode. The image of him about to cut off his son's arm while pleading for mercy is not going to fade any time soon. Even the arrogant all powerful leader Rick Grimes can be reduced to sniveling wretch of a man.

    Many fans are saying they won't continue to watch because of the graphic violence. To that I say it's a show about flesh eating walkers. Each season will be more graphic than the previous. It's to be expected. After watching The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones I realized no one is safe on a series anymore.

    One more side note: this obsession with Norman Reedus is played out. I don't personally hate Daryl, but the women fawning and screaming over him is ridiculous and embarrassing. I hope to see a major character arc with him as he deals with the guilt of getting Glenn killed.

    1. Good call, Diane, about Daryl, though I think his character has earned his longevity, even without the screaming ladies. He's sort of a foil character for Rick, so I expect him to last quite a bit longer.

      Lincoln was good in this episode, though I knew the arm wasn't coming off. Reminded me of the Old Testament story of a man told by God to kill his only son, and then at the last second, God appears and says, "Just kidding." He just wanted to be sure of the man's extreme loyalty. Once He knew He had it, God backed off. The name of the man? Abraham.

      Everything's connected.