Monday, October 20, 2014

The Walking Dead--Strangers--Episode 2

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Okay, so a few thoughts about this episode:

--Talking Dead Poll #1: I say Tyreese is retaining his humanity, and is not too kind for his own good.  Chad Coleman, the guy who plays him, agrees with me.

--Though Bob's leg got eaten at the end (a la the first Dawn of the Dead, the one that takes place underground in a shelter), the joke may be on the surviving Sanctuarians.  Cuz Bob got bitten in the food bank and just didn't show anyone.  So if they consume him, they'll be like him.  Otherwise, why was he so depressed, lonely and crying?  Why'd he go outside?

--I haven't read the comics, but from what I saw of Father Gabriel, I couldn't get him far enough away from me.

--Talking Dead Poll #2: Of course Father Gabriel is dangerous.  Very dangerous.

--I haven't heard the phrase "Church lady," this often since Dana Carvey.  And that's been a looooong time.

--Yes.  Maggie should've forgiven Tara.  Twas an episode of forgiveness, after all.  And they were in a church.

--Ditto for Tyreese and Carol.  Especially since she saved all their butts later.  And when he saw what Carol had to do to the blonde girl.

--Anybody know which of these characters, if any, are the core ones in the spinoff?

--Chad Coleman looks smaller in the show.  He's a big, big dude.  Took up half of the Talking Dead's couch.

--Did anybody catch the quote from the Bible in the church, on the arch above the communion table?  It said: "He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood has eternal life."  Perfect for a zombie apocalypse.

--Or, not, depending on your point of view.

--Why was Carol leaving again?  This time, on her own.

--Talking Dead poll #3: Yes, Carol needs to say what happened to the two little sister girls.  I mean, wasn't her fault one had a psychotic break and killed her sister.  Once that happened, what else could you do with her?

--Carl definitely respects Rick more when Rick's in beast mode.  Good call that Carl has become Rick's Jiminy Cricket.

--It is worth going into a basement sewer for food in a zombie apocalypse.  But cover up, especially your cuts and bruises.  Cuz that's a staph infection waiting to happen.

--Movie previews during the episode I want to see: Interstellar and Fury.

--Anybody notice more alcohol commercials during Walking Dead episodes now?  This time: Blue Moon, Dewar's and...something else, I forgot.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. It appears Carol has had the most trouble forgiving herself. She always seems to be in some sort of emotional turmoil. Then again she hasn't been the same since she watched her daughter turn into a zombie.

    The priest is up to no good. It's clear he's hiding something, but he also looks like at any given moment he could snap and wipe out the entire gang with a hatchet. I don't believe he hasn't killed anyone or wanted to. Religious folk have a tendancy to twist the truth around.

    It was nice to see Daryl take action upon seeing the car possibly containing Beth. I was concerned he had forgotten about her in his relief to see Carol again.

    Rick should have gone back to kill those Terminus cannibals. I get the need to survive, but those creepers were enjoying eating human flesh. And to do so in front of their victim? Taunting him? Daryl was right in saying people are worse than the walkers.

    1. If Beth is indeed in that car. Hell, that could've been stolen. Maybe a walker is taking it for a joyride! How awesome would that be?!? Great image.