Monday, October 27, 2014

The Walking Dead--Four Walls and A Roof--Episode Three

Photo: From the review of the episode from this Yahoo site.

--We haven't seen someone as cowardly as Father Gabriel since Dorothy went to Oz.

--Or, at least it seems that way.  But we live in a world of seems.

--I liked Gareth, in a strange way.  A well-spoken and charming cannibal.  Even Slash said he was articulate.

--So Martin ends up getting it, anyway.  But he was right about one thing: What was he kept alive for at that cabin?

--It would've been interesting to see if the last of the Terminians would've turned.  Was Bob's leg cooked enough?  Real viruses do die in fire.  (The U.S. Gov't had to bomb that medical research building in Reston, Virginia to kill Ebola Reston.  And when I say bomb, I don't mean like you do for insects.  I'm talking an H-bomb, right on the building.  But it worked.) that true for the zombie virus as well?

--Scariest person in the episode was Gareth.  He'd logically and lucidly and conversationally defended his position that the world had become "Eat or be eaten."  He was so matter-of-fact about it that there was no turning back for him.  Rick will swing violent, then farm.  But Gareth was all the way gone.

--Andrew J. West deserves another role on something, fast.  He plugged a movie on Talking Dead.

--Gareth monologued (to steal from the Talking Dead host) before killing like Christian Bale did in American Psycho.  True, Bale's character babbled about 80s kitschy pop, but really it's the same thing.

--Yes, Glen and Maggie needed to go to D.C. because

   a) The D.C. storyline needed to continue, so somebody major had to go with them to show it to us.
   b) The core of the group had been together, in whatever fashion, for too long.  Glen goes all the way back to fifth or so episode of Season One.  Time to shake things up.
   c) If they're to be in the spin-off, this would be a logical choice and a good way to start that.

--I agree that Darryl is bringing out Beth at the end.  Maybe Morgan from Season One, but I'm guessing Beth.  It's not Carol.

--Beth (Emily Kinney) is one of the guests in next week's Talking Dead.  That does not bode well for her character.

--Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Darryl's brother (Michael Rooker), Herschel (Scot Wilson) and who knows who else will be at Comic Con this Saturday in Providence.  William Shatner and others from Star Trek, and Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies from Raiders of the Lost Ark (and Davies was Gimli in the Lord of the Rings films), and Michael Biehn from Terminator, The Abyss, Tombstone, and many other films from the 80s and 90s, and--of all people--Anthony Michael Hall, from The Breakfast Club, Edward Scissorhands, The Dead Zone (TV show) and The Dark Knight---yes, Farmer Ted himself---will be there as well.  He was just added yesterday or today.

--Most importantly, I--a legend in my own mind, the movie that keeps on playing--will be there, too.


  1. As someone who finds Glenn and Maggie to be a total snooze fest, I was glad to see them get on that bus.

    I recently read an article on saying the new spinoff will not be connected to the current series. Aside from them living in the same zombie apocalypse the characters will be entirely new. I guess Glenn, Maggie, and the rest of the DC crew will continue on the Walking Dead. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm.

    I agree Gareth was articulate, charming, and handsome, but there was just no trusting him ever again. If Rick really wanted to be vindictive he would have locked Gareth in the room with Bob so he could chow down on him for a bit. If anything, Rick was actually showing some mercy by using that machete.

    Maybe Daryl is bringing out the dude from Season One? It’s probably Beth, but if she were a zombie he wouldn’t bring her along. Maybe she’s been bitten? Or maybe she has a cure? I just hope she doesn’t bite the dust. She’s one of the rare female characters I actually like on this show.

    Slash is still the coolest guitarist out there.

    1. I hope she stays, too. She's got a resiliency and yet also a vulnerability about her that's a cool dichotomy. I would be disappointed and borderline angry if she's on Talking Dead because she bit the dust.

      It's also cool that the creators will make a spin-off that's not only not tied into these characters, but is also not tied into the comics. That way, they can create their own world that doesn't have to rely on--or at least lean heavily upon--the plot and characters in the comics. It'll be more free.