Monday, March 23, 2015

The Walking Dead -- Try

Whoa!  Rick's gone a little off the deep end...Or has he?  True, he shouldn't have pointed his gun at everyone, but...What else do you do to a society that purposely and deliberately turns its eyes from a man who openly beats his wife?  You don't do anything to him because he's the only doctor you've got?  How well did that thought process work at the hospital?

A few other thoughts:

--Some may argue that, as Spock said, "The good of the many outweighs the good of the one, or the few."  In this case, sadly, it would be considered correct to ignore the abuse, specifically because he is a surgeon, the only one you've got, and he does a greater good for the many.

--But how could you live with yourself?

--However, the community did in fact seem to be living pretty well with itself, thank you very much.

--Shocking, that a politician would know there's an evil and ignore it because it's not in her (or her constituents') best interest.  Shocking, I tell you.

--So far I'm batting a thousand with my prediction that Rick & Co. would be the problem, and actually destroy the place from within.

--Not that it doesn't need it.

--Couldn't someone else with at least a little medical training be taught to be the next doctor?  I mean, you'd expect the community to create a backup doctor in case something happened to this guy, right?

--Where'd Father Gabriel go?

--Bold prediction for next week: Father Gabriel and / or Carol get it.  Rick's "girlfriend," too.

--And Carl's, too.

--Because there's no place for teenage love in the zombie apocalypse.

--(Or on my TV screen.  I mean, come on.)

--I almost threw something at the TV when they hid in the tree again.  If even one walker knew they were there, they'd be screwed.  It ain't romantic if it's stupid.  And, like, what about the ants and termites?

--I wouldn't have eaten Carol's casserole, either.

--Neat little name for an Etsy site: Carol's Casseroles.

--Speaking of Carol, I think she's purposely setting Rick up to fail.  She told him three times that his abusive neighbor needs to go.  She still hasn't forgotten that Rick banished her.  With Rick out of the way, she'd fill that power vacuum.

--But she'd have to get past Michonne first.  Which she wouldn't do.

--The real Michonne said on the Talking Dead that her character would stay with Rick's group, no matter what.  But...I don't think so.  If he gets tossed, I'll bet she'd at least be torn to stay there.  She could be a small town's sheriff, too.

--But all is not as it seems in Alexandria.  I say, staying for any of them won't be an option.  I'll bet someone leaves the gates open, or something else happens, or comes to light, that makes staying impossible.

--We'll see next week...


  1. I agree Rick shouldn't have pointed his gun at the rest of the community, BUT he made some valid points during his tirade. The residents of Alexandria are acting like every day is time for a tea party. It's one thing to try and find a sense of normalcy again, but it's another to deny what's going on outside those walls. There should be a way to remaine humane while still on guard.

    Interesting theory on how Carol may be setting up Rick to fail. It's possible. She has been acting very peculiar and downright scary in the last few episodes. I woudn't put anything past her at this point. Like you said, I don't think Michonne would let Carol get very far with that plan.

    Carol's Casseroles: Eat At Your Own Risk

    I found the scene with Carl and the girl in the tree to be cute. I'm not saying this show needs to turn into Twilight, but there should be some tender moments especially between two young people who have already seen more bloodshed than anyone ever should. He killed his own mother. Doesn't Carl deserve just a second or two to feel like a teenager?

    I have to say I've enjoyed these last few episodes more than Seasons 3 and 4 combined. The show was really faltering for a while there.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Despite the final episode, I still think Carol's devising and scheming will turn her against the group after awhile. We'll see. I'm glad you're liking the show again, too!

      I guess now we'll see about the spin-off.