Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walking Dead--Internment

Some quick thoughts about the episode:

--In an episode soon, Herschel won't have the time to wheel the dead out of view before he stabs them.

--How could Herschel possibly have gone this long without killing a single walker?

--What's up with Lizzie playing footsie in zombie blood?

--Carl's no longer whiny and annoying like he was last year.  Harsh, I know.

--You knew the fence would go soon.

--Hopefully Rick and Carl repaired the fence before they burned the bodies and picked peas.

--You knew the Governor would turn up soon, and that he'd been watching.

--I'll bet the Governor's talking to Carol when he says in next week's promo: "Don't you want to get back at him for what he did to you?"  Or something very close to that.

--Herschel has turned into one tough old dude.

--Quite the father/son and father/daughter bonding moments in this episode.  There's nothing that brings a family together more than annihilating large numbers of zombies together.

--Chris Hardwicke talked much faster than usual on the recent Talking Dead.  So fast that I couldn't tell what he was saying at times.  And that's me saying this.

--Josh, a guest on Talking Dead, asked an awesome question: Could Bob be a spy from the Governor?  I never would've thought of that.

--I've got to look up that Steinbeck quotation.

--I don't blame Rick for putting off talking to Darryl.

--I love the Tom Sawyer and Steinbeck allusions.

--"A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ."  I'm going to guess that was from East of Eden, or maybe Of Mice and Men.  But I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't, too, because I know those two pretty well, and I don't remember that quote in either one.

--Herschel has lately been the optimist that Rick used to be.

--Scott Wilson, who plays Herschel, said in an interview that ibuprofen got him through filming this episode.  Lately, ibuprofen's been swelling up my cheeks and sinuses to a painful extent.  It hurts now more than it helps.

--Okay.  According to Goodreads, the quote is actually:

“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.”

John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America


  1. I looked up the John Steinbeck quote as well. I liked it so much I actually put it on my Facebook status for all to see. I haven't been the biggest Herschel fan over the last few seasons of TWD, but surprisingly I am starting to warm up to him. I'm hoping that doesn't mean he'll get killed off soon. Anytime I start to like a character they get eaten by a zombie. Anyway--Herschel was indeed badass in this last episode. He took down zombies and saved lives all on one leg...not to mention the man he's twice the age of Rick and Daryl.

    I totally agree about Carl. I couldn't stand him for about two seasons and now I think he should be second leader in command. He's grown into a very upstanding and brave young man. In fact maybe he should tell Daryl about Carol since Rick is obviously too chicken to do it.

    Lizzie's creeping me out. Something tells me she's going to snap in the coming weeks.

    Daryl would never forgive Carol if she joined up with the Governor...not after what he did to his brother.

    I thought the discussions going on in The Talking Dead for Interment were some of the best yet. I've always liked going to forums/message boards to discuss tv shows and movies and that's basically what The Talking Dead is. It's a live message board. It really is a genius idea.

    1. Genius minds think alike, right? Sorry to say that it indeed happened to you again! Every time you warm up to a character, off comes his head! That's like the cat in Stephen King's Dr. Sleep--and in real life in the New England area--that curled on top of a patient when he/she was soon to go. Creepy!